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Fall Season #2: Division A: Men's Advanced2 3.75

The playoff draws are online.

Here's some highlights from the season:
* We have a record 19 players of 47 qualified for the playoffs.
* We'll be crowning 2 champions.
* The average player played 5.2 matches.
* Wow Nastassy Zagorov whose home court is in Oakland played an amazing 20 matches this season and definitely earned his free season. See what focus and passion can do.

Playoff qualifiers for Championship (3 wins but 4 matches played by Jan. 8th) :

N. Zagorov +16, G. Jarucki +8, X. Bremer +6, M. Lebeau +5, S. Perez Bunuel +4, J. Lee +3, A. Levin +2, S. Evans +2, I. Levit +1, I. Rozenfeld +1, C. Campo +1, M. Hakim 0, Y. Lin* -1, W. Fang -5

Player Name W / L % of Games Home Court Legacy Matches
P25 Open 0 - 0 0.000 (0-0) Open 0
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